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The Region of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace (AMTH) has a natural, water resource which is characterized as a "significant driving force" for social and economic development. The study area includes cross-border river basins, a coastline with important transitional, island and coastal habitats, but also two national parks, those of the Evros Delta National Park and the Nestos Delta National Park. Τhe high environmental footprint of the two main production sectors (primary and secondary) leads to the gradual degradation of its natural resources with often irreversible effects, especially of aquatic ecosystems quality.

The main actions of the project will develop supporting technological tools as a result of systematic monitoring of the quality of natural water bodies of AMTH and new analysis tools that will allow accurately support for optimal management decisions. The recent integrated monitoring combined with ICT technologies will cover the surface water from the sources of the rivers Laspia and Lissos to coastal areas and groundwater, encouraging the participation of the citizens.


The European scientific community is making a significant effort to develop knowledge and tools for supporting the sustainability of water resources, as well as the transition to a "water smart society" (WssTP, 2019). The aim of this research is: a) to avoid further water degradation, b) prevention and response drought and flood conditions c) to ensure the sustainable use of water and d) to strengthen the grid water-energy -food (Water - Food-EnergyNexus) to enforce the idea of a circular economy and minimize losses. The recognition of these aims by the EU Member States and the joint organization through European and state initiatives with further specialization at national and regional level promote a European wide model towards this transition. By 2030, some areas are expected to be front-runners in water smart societies, providing biogeographical features and technological tools to develop solutions and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGgoals)) in the water sector. The AMTH Region has a rich water potential and important catchments, providing the opportunity for innovative activities.